They Wont Sell Them

The biggest part of the life spent together. 
Raimonda & Nicola. 
Chest to chest,, toe to toe, as Rihanna  sings. 
Doing everything together.
"He cooks as well" she says.
"We cook together" , he adds.

What is the "everything together" they do?
Working in the field.
Working with animals 
Making food.

Like Prosciutto, which is now aging slowly in the dark, cold, and dry...: delice!

Then: Salami, Soppressata, fresh Sausages, Rigatino, Spalla, Culatello....
The Culatello.... Yumm! what an.... aroma!
I asked them to buy one.
No way.
They wont sell any.
It is all for the family: one son, two daughters with their respective families.

Val di Chiana is still a place like this: it is a true place.
With true people.
With true food.

Happiness sometimes has to do with the simplicity of the real things.