As Soft as Clouds

The Ricciarelli are small delicacies with the shape of an almond.
Their paste is made of almond, sugar and egg white.
They are typical from Siena, the Tuscan city, although they seen to have an Arabian orgin.
Both the almod paste and the shape - that should resable the curly shoes of Aladin - are Arabian.
The word "Ricciareli" means actually "Curly".
They are a  pasty and  delicious Christmas sweet.

This is Angiolino Mascagni, "Gingio" for the friends.
A simple man who wakes up every morning at 4:00 and goes to work. He is also the last to go back home and givesthe good example with his wisdom and his capability, in every single activity of the factory.

In the photo above, you can see his masterpiece: the RICCIARELLI.

I wrote it with capital letter for a reason should say - instead - with low voice.
Gingio is from Val di Chiana. His pretty factory is in Castiglion Fiorentino. Provence of Arezzo.
Not in Siena.
I swear: HIS RICCIARELLI are the best I have tasted.
And honestly, I really would like to learn his secret. I have a feeling he will never tell me.

So... as all the towns and villages in Tuscany - I should say in Italy - suffer of "campanilismo"- local rivalry - Siena might get crazy if gets to know that the best Ricciarelli are made out of town.

Gingio is here showing proudly the factory started by his father and carried on for year by himself and his brother until he passed away.

The room with the giant ovens.

Wise hands shaping rolls...

........Bread loaves just out of the oven......

..."Crostate", - Jam pies - ... yumm...

...Soft cakes..

...The famous Ricciarelli before the packaging

... Pastry workers shaping cookies.

Mr Mascagni, I have a question for you:
when will you come out with a cookie named Gingio?

Thank you for spreading your world with sweetness