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Here they are!

If you fry them.... you wont stop eating.

Versatile with frying: you can invente several batters. What is important is to not kill them with a super hot oil: they want a medium constant frying temperature.

Ingredients for 4:
12 zucchini flowers
100 gr ( 3 Oz) flour
1 egg
white wine
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
A pinch of nut meg
White pepper

Oil for frying

Prepare a batter: in a bowl place the flour, salt, pepper, nut meg, 3 tbs olive oil and the egg yolk. Dilute this mixture adding 50 ml wine and 50 ml water  (1/2 cup in total) until a liquid a consistency is reached.
Let sit for approx. ½ hour and when ready to use, fold in the stiffly egg white.
Remove pistons from the flowers.
Dip them in the batter and gently shake any excess of liquid before frying in very hot oil.
Serve warm and crisp.

Other Batters:

1)     first pass the artichokes in flour, then in beaten egg, then in bread crumbs.

2)    2 egg yolks, 2 dl iced water, 200 gr flour

3)    200 gr flour, 200 dl iced water, optional baking powder ( we made this one) ( I like this one: simple, let you taste the natural sweetness of the flowers)

4)    200 gr flour, 200 ml cold beer