Calendar: the Second Week of October 2017

The Second week of October  2017

MON 9th
TUE 10th
WED 11th
THUR 12th
FRI 13st
SUN 15th
9,30 -  01:00
Dessert 1 : traditional Cantuccini and variation on it. Lecitine cookies and caramelised figs. Savillum and other combinations of cheese and honey

Vegetables 2 : More cold sauces; Dry pasta with vegetables – Artichoke flan; Fried zucchini.

Offals : chicken liver ; tripe, pork liver, brains. Pan brioche: making bread.

Ice Cream : The technique. Sorbets. Parmigiano ice cream for appetizer

10:00 -01:00

11:00 -02:00

Pasta Making: Tagliatelle with Vegetable sauce; Ravioli Spinach and ricotta with Fresh Tomato sauce ; Gnocchi with Pesto



Sicilian Experience: Timbale “Norma”; Pork rolls; Cassata Siciliana

Pizza & Gelato: Pizza dough and toppings, Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Ice Cream


Meat 2 : low cooking - confit, game. Recipes: Carne ‘ncartata.; Hare with blueberries and chestnuts. Salmì and Civet.

Note: the Open lesson can take place with at least two people