Now that one year has gone, it is time of summarising   what we have accomplished and time of new resolutions. 

Talking about GiglioCooking, it is time to see back, to what we have done until now and to understand what we missed, trying to do better and better.

Our phylosophy remains the same: that is: 
Cooking IS Philosophy. 

This is what you always will  find at GiglioCooking: the Tradition & the Technique, that is The History and the Method. These are the bases to jump up toward Future & Innovation. Learn the Rules than Break them, our beginning Motto since we opened in 2009.

What have we done until now?

- teaching the origin of food; how to recognize the quality, which ingredients to use and how to replace them when they are not available.; their season, their nutritional value.  Some posts and photos would show better:

truffle hunter

liquorice plant

- teaching precision: the use of thermometer and scale, the proper motion of the hands on knives and other tools; the use of the right flour for each purpose, the exact cooking points of the sugar(s).

- teaching tradition and techniques: understanding the multiple Italian Regional Cuisines and the methods of cooking

- teaching the culture of the food: the cuisine as form of communication, the table as the highest sharing moment of the day

- teaching the research: trying new experience, developing new recipes: being free and comfortable in front of the food or inside a kitchen, put away all the fears and intimidations. This is the deep, real, true Philosophy of Cooking: learning the freedom of it. 

finger food with molecular techniques

What are the new resolutions?

Above all, since this year the school will grow with a new collaborator: Marta Mariuz, a kind and acculturated young woman able to answer to your questions in Italian, English, German, Spanish and French. 

Marta in the kitchen with Marcella

Then the firm will to "jump" into the transparency of the sea water in Giglio Island and bring students there, to savor the taste of an authentic corner of my marvellous Country, Italy.

Have a look at this: