The Cenacolo of Andrea del Sarto

Among the most representative and meaninful paintings of Christianity, the Cenacolo(s) present Jesus Christ around a table with his friend. 

According to the Vangels, he wanted to gather his Apostoles for the last dinner together. 

This "Cenacolo" has been painted by the Florentine Andrea del Sarto, a renaissance artist who lived only 46 years (1486 - 1530). It is the decoration of the refectory of the monks of the cloister of San Salvi, in Florence. The first stone of the church of this complex was put in 1048.

The colors, the size, the light hit you immediately from the bottom with a blow of emotion as you enter the large room.
Unexpected tears came down from my eyes.

As I was walking - slowly to enjoy the particulars as I was approaching - many thoughts, questions and considerations where crowding my mind. Above all: why am I so moved? this answer never came.

But rational reasonings started to compose in a more logical way among my neurones.

Maybe the short walk I took to visit the cloister, 

in the silence,

admiring the arches of the ceiling....

...and the beautiful bifora (s), had freed my mind from the usual worries that usually populate it.

Not a big "reasoning": just something that has always been in front of my eyes and I never noticed - my notorious "refrigerator blindness" -. 
Jesus around a table. 
To celebrate life, to celebrate friendship, to share moments of happiness. 
Around a table. 
A Tavola. 

This is the deep real meaning of eating together, the real meaning of Christianity - and many other religions: the Communion: and act we can enjoy every day, stopping for a short while, with a little bit of will and effort.