Taste of Summer

Only a few days ago I posted " Taste of Spring", 


actually hoping in the arrival of the good season, as the weather this year has been really crazy and un-predictable: rain rain rain.

Now, suddenly, the Summer with its heat is here. 

And, what is the Taste of the Summer per excellence?

For sure, for me, born on an island, it is the taste of the sea.

Since a little girl, I have been loving to stay bended on my knees, right at the border of the sea, and walk in this position along the smooth granite rock of my island, with a piece of bread in a hand and a knife in the other. 

My purpose was - still is when I go there - to pick the sea limpets and eat them, still alive and moving in their shell. I know, I seem rude and cruel.... I am a wild girl.

I like limpets, but what really attracts me are the sea urchins. To pick them, I plunge with a sea mask, I search for them among the sea weeds and in the cracks of the rocks. Then....

they are delicious with a piece of bread: the sweetness of the sea. 

My  Taste of Summer..... which is yours?