Health in Black

What is that attracts in the black?  
Is Black attractive...because it is associated with disease?
Because of the misterious fear of poison?
Or because  of challenge to the night, the dark, the death..?
Just because it is on fashion?....shown off in tattoos?

Talking about food.....

After the "exploited" squid ink, by now in so many restaurant preparations as we might think that it is not real....

....After the Black bread made with vegetal carbon and all the controversy about it (healthy-not healthy- harmful..)....

Here there are two more black-s. Hopefully not a "fake" information....

The first "black" is:

the Black Garlic. 

Not exsting in nature, it is obtained after two months of cooking at low temperature. The product is a fermented garlic that takes a softer texture, a taste that reminds the soy sauce, sweeter and without the loved-hated breath strenght,  with the beneficial characteristics of fermented foods.

It can be used in your recipes containing garlic, just replacing it. The taste is not what you expect from garlic, being less strong, more aromatic and for sure, sweeter.

I have soaked some cloves  in a cup of vegetal broth, then I have blended everything in a mixer in order to obtain a black smooth sauce.
You can use the sauce as ...a sauce, to accompany other dishes, in the same way you would do with ketchup... just healthier...

I have added a few spoons of black garlic sauce to a home made mayonese made with home made extra virgin olive oil, eggs from our chickens, lemons from our garden ( sorry, this is the way we live: all is home made....).

With this black rich sauce I have dotted a bruschetta with smoked salmon and puree of fennel bulb. 

The other "black" of the day is:

the Black  Turnip

The friend who cultivated them in Veneto suggested me a "home made" syrup for the cough.

Make a little hole on the bottom of a black turnip

Then dig another bigger hole on the top and place it upon a cup

Fill it with sugar (yes, the damned sugar...) and ... wait.

The next day the sugar will have fallen into the cup through the hole on the bottom

The obtained syrup is not as pleasant as the one you can buy at the pharmacy, but they ensure it is more effective...

If you have more "Black-s" to introduce to me, please, contact me at :